Post surgical and post traumatic stiffness

Often, joint and muscle stiffness will develop after an injury, a period of inactivity, illness, a surgical procedure, or a prolonged and heavy activity

Most people will also experience tight muscle and joint stiffness sometime in their lives due to wrong posture during sleeping, sitting, working for long hours or placing the joint in an awkward position. This symptom is rarely serious and but it may be a warning symptom of many physical disorder or illness.

Sometimes muscle tightness and joint stiffness may disappear after 1 day or so. Special attention should be taken if muscle tightness or joint stiffness persists and not recovering, especially:

  • Nagging constant aches and soreness
  • Radiating pain or discomfort to other body area – numbness, tingling, pins and needles
  • Trauma or car accident
  • Difficulty breathing, eating or sleeping
  • Headaches, Migraines or Nausea
  • Persistent pain for many days
  • Trigger points, muscle tension knots
  • Limited range of movement or crepitus sound in movement

We can help you return to your regular activities, with no pain or discomfort, and give you the confidence to manage and prevent future problems. Physiotherapist are the experts to help you overcome joint and muscle stiffness, and may use  a variety of treatment, depending on your specific situation:

Manual techniques, including soft tissue massage, specific joint mobilizations, myofascial releases and active stretches, traction, mobilizations with movement, deep friction massage.   

Pain Treatment Modalities to decrease pain and stiffness, like electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Laser, heat, ice.

Close instruction on a tailored exercise program, including range of movement, flexibility, strengthening, core stability, proprioceptive, and balance. 

Education on body awareness, tips on recovery and healing, sleeping, proper posture, ergonomics at work, and how to identify and avoid aggravating factors.

You will be working together with your physiotherapist at our centre to find a effective solution to muscle and joint stiffness.