Clinical Pilates

Archview physiotherapy clinic run a Clinical Pilate classes and can also offer private pilate classes

Pilates is a form of exercise which strengthens the muscles of the stomach, back and shoulders. These muscles are very important in supporting the spine as we move. The aim of Pilates is to improve overall strength and posture. This is done through concentrating on breathing and smooth, flowing movements.

Clinical Pilates is a branch of Pilates. It involves a series of Pilates style exercises. Clinical Pilates is taught by Charterd physiotherapists. The physiotherapist usually would assess the client prior to commencing the class particularly those who have had or are currently suffering with pain or injury. At archview we do advise Clinical Pilates to those being treated for back or neck pain. This is a gentle form of exercise and is run in small classes. This means you get individual attention and the physiotherapist can ensure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Research has shown that this type of exercise is helpful in relieving back pain and also in the prevention of its recurrence. We run weekly group classes and at Archview Physiotherapy clinic in Ranelagh, Dublin 6. We also can offer private one on one Pilates classes. Classes are limited to 8 per class so we do have waiting lists. If you would like to join the list for the next set of classes, please contact reception and we would be happy to include you for our next available class.

We are delighted to inform our exercsie lovers that we are NOW running:

  • Antenatal Pilates and Postnatal Pilates classes
  • Mum and Baby Pilates classes so you dont need to get a sitter!
  • Pilates for over 50’s