Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is most often the result of tenditis,which can affect the inner or outer elbow. Elbow pain has many other causes including arthritis & bursitis. Funny bone sensation is irritation of a nerve at the elbow that cause numbness & tingling of the inner elbow,forearm as well as little & ring fingers.


Tennis elbow:  An irritation of the tissue connecting the forearm muscle of the elbow.
Golfers elbow:  A condition that cause pain on the inner side of the elbow.
Arthritis:  Inflammation of one or more joints,causing pain & stiffness that can worsen with age.
Bursitis:  Inflammation of the fluid-filled pads (bursae)that act as cushions at the joints.
Bone fracture: A complete or partial break in a bone.
Osteoarthritis:  A type of arthritis that occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down.

Other causes: 

Prolonged pressure or leaning on elbows.
Trying a new exercises such as
-local trauma
-desk work
-sprains or strains
-pain around elbow joint
-wrist stiffness
-tingling fingers
-muscle spasm
-joint swelling
-arm pain
-joint deformity
-weather related pain
-severe joint pain


The first step in treating elbow pain are reducing inflammation & resting the irritated muscles & tendons..,


-Compression therapy




-Laser therapy


*strengthning exercise to improve muscle strength

*stretching exercise to improve flexibility of affected muscles

*MFR to realease stiffness and tightness

*Neural mobilization-If nerve is involved

*Mobilization to improve range of motion of affected muscle